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Initial Disclosure Document

About our Financial Services

The Financial Conduct Authority

The Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) is the independent watchdog that regulates financial services. Use the following information to decide if our services are right for you.

Treating Customers Fairly

Our business is committed to treating customers fairly and ensuring our products and services are suitable for their needs. Treating customers fairly(TCF) is a core part of our culture and you can review our commitment to it by asking for a copy of our TCF policy statement

Whose products do we offer?

We can introduce you to a few lenders who may be able to finance your purchase. We will only introduce you to these lenders.

Other Finance Facilities

You may be able to obtain finance for your purchase from other lenders and you are encouraged to seek alternative quotations and details of their products by researching on the high street, in the media and online.

Will I have to pay for this service?

You will not make any payment to us for any introductions we make to finance providers regarding finance facilities for your purchase.

Commission Disclosure

We may receive a commission payment from the finance provider if you decide to enter into an agreement with them. The nature of this commission is based on a percentage of the total amount of finance taken by the customer.

You can request for us to disclose the amount of any commission received.

Who regulates us?

Britannia Cars is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA registration number is 733363 and its address is Unit 13 Redwood Court, Campbell Way, Dinnington, S253NQ.

Understanding our products and documents

If you have any health issues, difficulty in understanding information or there are any recent life events that could affect your ability to fully understand the information and documentation you are presented with or what your commitments are under the agreement, you should carefully consider the time you require to review the documentation. You should also consider if it is advisable for you to have someone you know help you make a decision. Please advise us if this is the case and we can process with any requirements in the most appropriate way.

You should make sure you have sufficient time to assess the information given to make sure any funding option is the right one and suitable for you and meets your requirements. You should seek further explanations and ask questions if needed to fully understand the documents that you are given.


You should assess the monthly payments you are required to make throughout the agreement and ensure you are able to meet these obligations and other obligations you have without suffering undue hardship. If you are aware of any future events that will affect your ability to meet these payments, you should ensure the provider is informed immediately. Your credit rating could be adversely affected if you do not make payments when due which could make it harder or more expensive for you to access finance facilities in the future.

What to do if you have a complaint

Please ask for a copy of our complaints policy which will give you further information.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

Throughout the process of administering service for you we need to collect personal information from you and pass this information to one or more third party organisations in order for them to supply the services that you request. This may include passing information to one or more potential lenders or credit brokers to enable them to make a credit decision. These lenders may use your information to conduct affordability and credit worthiness assessment and will do so using the consent given by you.

This may include sharing your information with credit reference agencies and other companies for use in credit decisions and fraud prevention. For full details of where your information will be sent, and the purpose for doing so, or to cancel your consent for the processing of personal data, please contact us.

In cases where your initial application may be refused by the most suitable lender, your application may be referred to other lenders or credit brokers who may also share information with credit reference agencies in order to assess your application for finance.

Those lenders or credit brokers will not use your personal information to provide you with promotional or marketing material unless you opt-in to receive this material directly with them.

A copy of our privacy policy, which details how your information will be processed is available here www.britanniacarsuk.com/privacy.